REACH - Outstanding global regulations

Due to the continuous expansion of overseas markets, we
are able to provide value-added services to our customers by REACH registration.


The main goal of REACH is to ensure a high level of
protection for human health and the environment, increase
the transparency of chemical use, and pursue sustainable
social development.

For chemical industry suppliers, REACH is a huge challenge both inside and outside the Europe. REACH requires that chemicals imported and produced in Europe must be managed
and approved through a comprehensive set of procedures for registration, assessment, authorization and restriction.


Rainbow Chemical is well aware of the strategic importance
of REACH. In the past few years, we invested heavily in the REACH registration to ensure that our products meet the
requirements of the European market.

REACH Registration Certificate

Permanent Yellow G
REACH Certificate

Permanent Red
REACH Certificate

Permanent Yellow 2GS
REACH Certificate

Phthalocyanine Blue BGS
REACH Certificate

Phthalocyanine Green
REACH Certificate