About Us

Yangzhou Rainbow Chemical Co., Ltd. was established in
2010. We are a professional organic pigments provider
integrating R&D, production, sales and consulting services.


Our main products including red, orange, yellow, blue,
green series pigments, lake pigments and fluorescent 
pigments. Our products are widely used in coating, rubber,
ink, plastic and stationary industries.


In order to meet the professional requires of ink, coating and plastic application,we focus on technological innovation and research to ensure our products with superior performance
and strong applicability.


We obey the regulation of "sincerity-based, 
customer-oriented, quality-leading, environment-protected"
and take advantage of high-standard TUV international
testing to make sure excellent product quality, earning
customer’s trust as well.


REACH has been an increasingly significant regulation
around the world. In order to better serve customers and
continuously expand overseas markets, we have completed
the REACH registration for our pigment products, further
improving our brand value.

Company Culture

Company Slogan
Focus on the organic

Company Vision
Make your life full of color

Company Purpose

Company Advantages

Full-color pigment productsRed, orange, yellow, green,
green, blue, purple, our
products cover every color
in life

Strict-standard quality

Our products passed TUV's PAHs testing to ensure human health and environmental sustainability

Value-added service
The European REACH registration for our products 
has established a win-win
relationship between ourselves and our customers